Friday, February 24, 2012

Christmas Gifts

This year we decided that we wanted to give for Christmas something that really mattered. We all decided that we would rather give of our time in creating a special gift for someone rather than spend our time with all the headache that accompanies Christmas shopping.  I have been wanting to show some of the things we made for family members, so here are some pictures we've taken of them.

Table Toppers

I made these pieced table runners for one of my Aunts and one of my Grandmothers. Quilting/piecing has been a large part of our family for many generations. Anyone who has ever done it knows how much time and love you put into anything pieced. I decided to make pieced table runners to carry on the tradition that has been laid out before me, and to put the time and love into each piece that should be given at Christmas.

 Jewelry Window

This piece was a collaboration of talent. Keith (Daddy), Beverly (Momma), and I all worked together on this one. By using what we had on hand (an old window, sandpaper, scrapbook paper, and cup-hooks) we designed something with meaning and functional purpose.
Hand Knitted Scarf

This scarf was hand knitted by Rebekah. Since our brother is married and no longer living at home, she wanted to give him something special.
 Antiqued Jewelry Box

This gift started out as a plain oak box and a disconnected lid. With a few layers of paint and some wood stain I was able to achieve an antiqued look. A mirror on the lid, some lining, and gold hinges and clasp finished this specialized gift. Patience had asked for a jewelry box for Christmas, but she had no idea it would be one that would be this special to her.
 Old Fashioned Apron

Patience put special thought into this gift. She loves spending time with her grandmother, especially learning to cook. Patience wanted to make this apron for Nanna by herself. The second picture is Patience modeling it for Daddy.

We really had fun this year preparing for Christmas and presenting gifts. It's fun to give gifts when you're really giving something important. Time, thought, and love are some of the biggest and most important gifts we can ever give.

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