Read, read, read. —William Faulkner

We read to know we are not alone.—C.S. Lewis

Wear the old coat and buy the new book. —Austin Phelps

Joel's most popular and motivating book "You Can Farm" is what really spring-boarded our belief that farming is a viable occupation!

Joel's Newest book, Hot off the Press!!

Cultivate the next generations to take over the farm!

An interesting comprehensive guide to butchering animals yourself.

The story of one of America's greatest successful multi-generational sustainable farm.

        A documentary disclosing the state of America's meat industry

A story of saving the family farm.

         An inspiring and revealing documentary feat. Will Allen and Joel Salatin among others.

Gorgeous, informative cook-book delving into the nutritious world of Paleo cooking.

Learn about America's emerging battle over food rights!

Learning to grill and barbeque grass-fed meat?

Learning to use the whole hog.....

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