Friday, October 31, 2014

New Experiences by Zoe

     This last week really was full of new experiences for me. Most of these changes were due to Hannah's return. I would like to share some of the new things that are happening on the farm.
     First, Hannah brought a cat, an inside cat. This is the one thing I was sure that I would never have. It really isn't that bad. I rather like it, until he jumps in my lap and sniffs my supper. His name is Toulouse, and he's the most adorable thing imaginable. He sleeps all day if he's inside and disappears all day if he is outside. He made a cat door in what was our screen door and goes wherever he wants to. It really is cute.
     Second, Hannah also brought rabbits. These aren't the fat, fluffy kind, they're the grass-fed, pasture raised kind. We made pens for them and they are now out in our back yard, loving the grass. It is so funny when they grab a piece of grass and chew it contentedly. And they're cute. Just....don'!!!!!!
Not this! This is Fluffy, NOT our rabbit.
     We are also, as of this week, building a Raken (a chicken and rabbit house). Chickens and rabbits have a symbiotic relationship. Our laying hen chicks are going to live under the rabbits. It really is quite the idea, if you ask me. I have never gone so staple-happy in my life. :)
      This week I also harvested 12 lbs. of butternut squash. For a first year garden and gardener, I think it's pretty good. Maybe next year I will have even more!
      The most recent thing? Well, splitting concrete with a sledgehammer is the most recent thing I've done. Three of us girls, with three sledgehammers, split concrete off of 20 posts in just under twenty minutes. Oh, yeah! Who knew that splitting concrete would be so fun?!
    Well, that is the list of "new" things around here. They're changes, but that doesn't mean they're bad. So far, I like them all.
     What's new around your place?

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