Thursday, February 13, 2014

Love Is In The Air

It's feeling a lot like The Love Boat around here! It may be because it's February, but love is definitely in the air.

We have a Barred Rock rooster named Morgorath, whom we keep with his own personal harem in an attempt to raise some of our own chicks. This group of poultry lives like royalty, having free range of our entire yard area. Well, a couple of months ago, Morgorath decided that  he wanted to meet all of our young laying hens and found a way into their pasture. (He's certainly got brains to match his elegant good looks, so all of his progeny should be super-chicks.) Since we don't want all the eggs that we sell to customers to be fertilized, we took care of his shenanigans by stopping all means of entrance and egress. 

Fast forward to this month. We are still finding fertilized eggs from the pastured layers! I question my daughters who operate the egg laying business: "What's going on? Do we have a rooster incognito running with the girls? Why are we still getting fertilized eggs?" The answer is as old as dirt. One of the gals fell in love with the rooster, and every morning when she gets off the roost, she climbs UNDER the electric fencing and goes to visit him, returning to her own flock later in the day. 

Yeah. Just let that one sink in for a minute. Okaaaaaaay. I suppose we will just go with it in the name of love.

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