Monday, February 9, 2015

Introducing: Rabbits

While doing some research today, I came across this interesting article from ABC News, published last year, and thought I would share it, highlighting some of my favorite parts...

According to ABC, rabbit meat is "Rich in Omega 3 fatty acids, high in protein, low in calories, rabbit is speedily becoming the even-newer white meat. So say star chefs, culinary schools, meat producers and, increasingly, ordinary home-cooks, who are consuming more rabbit than at any time since WWII."

Schneller, from the Culinary Institute of America "[He] calls it an efficient meat: Rabbits, using the same amount of food and water a cow needs to produce a pound of meat, he says, can produce six pounds."

"Compared to beef, pork, lamb, turkey, veal and chicken, rabbit has the highest percentage of protein, the lowest percentage of fat and has the fewest calories per pound, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture."

These are among the reasons I've decided to raise rabbits for meat this coming year... My breeding stock has come straight from the Polyface Farm rabbit herd, and has been line-bred for more than 20 years allowing them to thrive on pasture, mature more slowly thus creating more tender and flavorful meat, and resist diseases allowing us to raise these rabbits without the use of antibiotics.

Read the entire article for yourself here:
ABC News "What's up, Chef?"


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