Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Mission: Garden by Zoe

     As winter passes slowly on and every warm day reminds us of the coming glory and beauty of Spring, I have been preparing ground for this year's garden. I am experimenting, practicing, and developing ideas to improve the soil's fertility and health.
    There are pictures in this post that you have seen before, but I want to bring everything together in one, comprehensive post on the subject.
    The beds are super easy. In fact, it is entirely constructed of things around the farm. The logs are Sweet Gum saplings that we cut to clear pasture, the paper is old feed bags, and the fertilizer is from our own chickens. The only thing that we didn't have was the chips. The chips are from a local chipping company for which we provide a dumping sight.
The first stage
Adding paper and chips
Another load of wood chips

The whole row
     We have expanded the garden area over the winter. By over-wintering the chickens on the garden area I hope to improve the soil both with their disturbance and the fertilizer and wood chips. The laying hens have been in the garden until last week, when we switched the pullets and the layers. Hopefully, this will be a fertile, beautiful, productive garden this Spring. 
Layers in the garden

Pullets in the garden

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