Friday, April 5, 2019

Goats Got Parasites? Natural Dewormer recipe

Healthy, happy goats are a primary goal for us. The very first year we had goats, we learned that goats have parasites: lots of them! We were told by EVERYONE that we had to rid our goats of parasites with chemical de-wormers, even though some of these chemicals no longer worked well because parasites had become resistant to them.

That year, we used a chemical de-wormer that claimed to be safe for dairy animals. Since we want to live a more natural life with fewer dangerous chemicals, we began researching options and found an herbal wormer and began using it.

About three years ago we started mixing our own version based on our research. Please note that we are NOT veterinarians. Many people have asked for our "recipe" for our natural herbal wormer, so I'm sharing our current version. It has changed and will probably continue to change as I continue to learn. Our goats are happy, and we're happy with the results we get with this recipe, but I will say that we utilize other wholistic methods for the health of our goats.

VERY IMPORTANT information: There are some herbs that can be given to goats only when they are NOT pregnant. The recipe I'm sharing today is the version I use when the goats are NOT pregnant.

Herbal Wormer Recipe for NON-pregnant goats

1 cup Black Walnut hull powder
1 cup cayenne pepper powder, or about 7 dried peppers
1 cup cinnamon powder
1 cup garlic, minced or powdered
1/2 cup powdered cloves
1 cup rosemary leaves (powder them after measuring)
1 cup sage
1 cup thyme
2 cups wormwood
1 cup ginger, powdered
1 cup psyllium seed, powdered
1 cup dry mustard seed

Dosage: 1 teaspoon every 30 pounds, or 1 tablespoon for every 100 pounds
              You can begin using dewormer on kids after they are 3 weeks old. Give them a three-day                    dose every month until they're 6 months old. Then they should be able to join the regular                      adult dosage and schedule.

Adult schedule: Give to adults for 5 days in a row every month

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