Monday, February 21, 2011

Multiple Benefits

In the spring, doesn't the sunshine and warm weather give you hope and encouragement?  When we have some wonderful, bright, warm days like we've had this week, I feel like a daffodil must feel after lying dormant all winter and then feeling the warmth of the sun and springing into beautiful yellow bloom.  There is a sense of newness of life, beauty, and strength.  I love getting out into the sunshine and working on projects which need doing after the long winter.

The warmer weather and longer days have many benefits.  In addition to the energy and renewed strength in us,  lots of things get accomplished on the farm as we look for any excuse to get out there and enjoy the day.  Fences are mended, gates are built, everything  is tidied, and more training is accomplished with the cart goat.  Another benefit is that the chickens start laying more eggs!  Our dozen hens have produced 20 eggs yesterday and today!  I think they are enjoying the longer days as well as their new roaming pen.  Now we have plenty of eggs and can offer some for sale each week.

I am amazed at the variety of colors in "brown" eggs.  We took this picture of today's eggs.  Aren't they beautiful?  These are all from the Rhode Island Reds, but each hen lays a different colored egg.  Isn't God's creation amazing?

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