Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Bees are Buzzing

After the girls received all of their show money for the 2010-2011 show season, they decided to invest in some further opportunities. One daughter used a portion of her funds to plant an herb garden which we are already enjoying.  She intends to carry "Elephant Garlic," chives, and basil to the farmer's market.  All four daughters pooled resources and bought two hives of bees.  They've watched instructional videos of bee keeping, and are reading several books about the care of their bees.  Although we have had bee hives for several years, these new hives are totally the girls' responsibility. I'm sure honey will taste even sweeter to them when they've put in all the work themselves. This will be a fantastic learning experience for them, and next year perhaps they will have honey to sell.  This is a wonderful addition to our farm, and we'll all reap the benefits of the increased productivity of our garden and fruit trees. Bees, keep buzzing!

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