Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Expanding Boundaries

Will goats ever cease to amaze me?  We spent quite a bit of time and effort enclosing more of our woods with three strands of electric wire.  We were thinking that the goats would just love to have more room to roam and lots of new green things to eat.  If you've ever installed fencing, you can imagine the energy we expended on this endeavor.  (Even though it is electric fence and much easier to put in than metal fence, it is still an investment of time and ..... well, girls aren't supposed to sweat, so we'll say "perspiration." )  After milking this morning, we introduced the does to this new wonderful area.  All three of the does experientially discovered the boundaries of the fence, and seemed to decided that this was some new form of torture that we had devised.  They all walked back down to their former pen and lay down with total disregard to our offering this new food source.  Go figure.....  On the up side, this has seemingly taught them not to run out the gate every time we open it.

Before any of the work begins. Notice everyone is smiling.
In addition to expanding the goats' boundaries, we are expanding our boundaries.  We are removing walls, taking in the back porch, and adding a bathroom and back patio.  What a job!  We've already renovated the garage into a bedroom and den. When we are done with the current undertaking, we'll have added about 585 sq ft to the house, if my calculations are correct.  We are expecting a Japanese student in July, so we are trying to get this done by then.  Busy times here at Bright Arrows Farm!  Here are some pictures of our work in progress.
Ground Breaking
At some point, you have to call in the experts.
Now we're getting serious. 

Shooting Grades
Almost ready to pour!
This will be a delightful area for a patio.
Taking down the brick

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