Friday, May 13, 2011

Off to Market

The time is at hand.  The soap is made and wrapped.  The sugar scrubs are bottled and labeled.  The van is packed.  We're ready for the "Olde Towne Clinton Farmer's Market."  Yes, tomorrow we will be at our first street fair of the spring.  We have over 300 bars of regular soap, two different "flavors" of sugar scrubs, and for the first time we are offering special prices on what the girls are calling "special cuts."  These are bars of soap that are "special," of course.  They may be smaller or larger than the required weight. They may be the last few bars of a single fragrance, the end cuts of a loaf, or they may have a small dent or air bubble.  For whatever reason, they have been deemed special and are a great bargain for customers!

Our "Honey Almond" sugar scrubs sold well last fall, and we have several customers who buy more each month. We've been told that the scrub has helped with a variety of skin conditions.  I think it smells marvelous. Recently, however, my oldest daughter created a scent that is even better. It includes coconut, chocolate, and coffee. When I first smelled it I thought of an Almond Joy, which is my daughter's favorite candy bar.  Oh! It smells good enough to eat!

Although we've been busy getting ready for the market season, we're still making soap.  Today we made two batches.  The first was a new fragrance: chai tea.  Chai Tea is a wonderfully warm and comforting drink and my personal alternative to coffee.  It has traditional Earl Grey Tea with a delicious citrus hint of Bergamot and Lemon along with nutmeg, cinnamon, and vanilla.  This soap has a sweet, buttery fragrance, and is the only scent we have that includes cinnamon. (Perhaps you know that I happen to be allergic to cinnamon, which made the making of this a tricky business....)  The second batch of the day was a delectable soap that smells like chocolate, coffee, and peppermint.  Delicious!

May the Lord bless the work of our hands tomorrow at the market.

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