Thursday, May 5, 2011

Just Kidding Around

We are enjoying our kids immensely!  They are so much fun to watch.  The little LaMancha doe runs and plays with my daughters, matching every step they take.  She will already lead and stand still for about two seconds in her show stance.  Her favorite game is to get a running start,  jump into the air with all four feet, and kick her heels!  Sometimes while doing this, she will even do a back flip.  She is very entertaining.

                                                                                                     The LaMancha buckling is already trying to impress the girls.  While he does love to run and play with his little sister, he is much less playful and walks around with a stately, regal air.  He is developing more muscle than his sister, and he loves showing off.  He enjoys climbing to the top of a log pile and being  "king of the mountain."  Today I saw him climb onto the back of his mom.  She allowed that twice before setting him straight.

                                                                                    In addition to the fun we're having playing with the kids and watching them, we are also enjoying thinking of names for them.  Names under consideration are Cassiopeia (we'd just call her Cassie), and First Lady (since she is the first doe born on our farm.) Generally, goats are named things that represent their lineage.  In this case, we have famous family lines on both sides.  On her dam's side:  Vin Valor, Cashmere, Black Satin, Charming Teegan, and Calypso.  Her sire is parented by Kastdemur goats, so we have the famous Shasta, Watch Yourself, Make7upyours, Shasta Daisy, Orion, and Deviant.  If you have some ideas about naming our little doe, let me know!  Papers must be filed soon, so a name must be chosen.

Well, I'm off to the great outdoors again to enjoy the little ones and this wonderful spring day.

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