Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Back in Time

The re-enactment that piqued our interest.

We are currently in Civil War mode. If you're a homeschooling momma, you know what I mean. We watch the Biography episodes about Civil War heroes, we read books about the Civil War, we look for patterns of Civil War era clothing, try our hand at Civil War era crafts, etc. One daughter wants to learn to spin wool and dye it with natural dyes. We really get into history around here.
The girls with General Sherman at a re-enactment.
Here is a list of some of the books we've read:
The War the Women Lived - This was a book of journal entries of women who actually lived through the war. My girls found it very interesting.
An Honorable Defeat - This tells about the last month of the Confederate government.
Under Siege -  This brief book tells of the Siege of Vicksburg through the eyes of three different children, which really intrigued my daughters. (Since we live so near Vicksburg, this siege has captured our attention and has been a jumping off point for in depth reading.)
Yankee Bullets, Rebel Rations - We were not very impressed with this book because it was very shallow. It may be better for younger readers who are looking for more generalized information.

A favorite, and our current read-aloud, is A Blockaded Family.

This engaging book tells how the common people continued daily life by making do with things they had. We love the determination and ingenuity these people showed! It's certainly a fun read.

Being able to delve in to topics that catch our interest is one of the greatest things about homeschooling. My girls love to learn, so they put their all into each new study. We are blessed.