Saturday, March 21, 2015

Spring! by Zoe

     It is finally Spring! I am so excited! Today ushers in all of the excitement, joy, and life of summer. It is the month of bright flowers, breezy mornings, and beautiful sunsets. It is the time for the bursting forth of life after the dormant season of winter. Say 'goodbye' to sleet, cold, and dark, drizzly days and 'hello' to wildflowers, fresh vegetables, and baby animals. Oh, it's so exciting!
    So, here's what's going on here on the first day of Spring.

No, wait! That's not me!

My baby, Bobbin playing in the yard. Picture taken by Patience

Picture by Patience

The beginnings of my herb garden.
LOVE rosemary! Picture by Patience

Also love these wild onions.

We're getting ready to move the broilers to pasture! 

     We love Spring. It might be my favorite season.
What makes you excited about Spring? Have you got anything special planned?

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