Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Fall Garden Plans By Zoe

     Unfortunately, I do NOT have a "green thumb." I wish I did, but I don't. However, more times than not, this does not stop me from trying. So, in accordance to my recent farming enthusiasm, I planted basil, carrots, cilantro, dill, Sugar Snap peas, and several types of squash. I still have several things that I want to plant, but I started. I used seeds that we already had, free dirt, lot fertilizer from our farm, and old pots. In short, nothing was bought for this planting.
     I planted three rows of Sugar Snaps and carrots in a "=" formation and my squash in a "X" form. My cilantro and dill are in a simple line and my basil is, well, all over in a pot. (I won't tell if you don't.) I decided that if all of the seeds sprouted I would be so happy that I wouldn't mind transplanting. If they didn't all come up then I should have at least one or two plants.
    I really, REALLY hope that all of these seeds sprout. I would love to be able to provide these foods for our family. Hopefully, I will be writing another post about plants soon!

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