Monday, December 1, 2014

Marking it Off

I'm a list person... I LOVE lists. I make lots of lists... I usually have three to five lists floating around at one time... I can go through just about anything or organize just about anywhere, and end up finding at least one list that I wrote at some point in my life.

I make shopping lists, to do today lists, to do next month lists, to do sometime in my life lists, wish-lists, things for other people to do lists, etc... I'm the kind of person who even writes down things that I've done at the end of a day, just so that I can mark something off a list.

Recently, we've been able to mark a few things off our farm's "to do" list.

Finish making rabbit pens: CHECK!

  Today, I finished making pens for all of my rabbits. I'll start breeding around the middle of this month, and I'll hopefully have fryers for sale in April.

Butcher the last 2014 batch of broilers: CHECK!

  We have now finished butchering birds for this year and all of our broiler things are packed away for the winter.

Begin creating garden area for 2015: CHECK!

  We have begun preparing our garden beds for the 2015 growing season. Yes it is only December, but we're getting ready. Rather than spending time and energy adding compost to our garden next spring, we're letting our animals do it for us now... We've spread our planned "in ground" garden area with wood chips, and now our laying hens are having a blast digging through the shavings, stirring the carbon in with their nitrogen and creating a wonderful and warm atmosphere for earthworms. The nitrogen from inside our eggmobile is being used to create raised beds which Zoe plans to oversee.

Overall, I think we're moving right along...

What makes you feel like you've had a productive day?

Now let's see... Where did I put the list.............. ;)

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