Wednesday, March 25, 2015

The Journey - to Polyface!!!!!!

It began by leaving home in time to make it to the airport for my 4:15 flight - an almost two hour trip.
Fortunately for my trip ( unfortunately for my blog post) there was no unusual or exciting story to be told during this part of my trip. As I was awaiting take-off, however, I got the call for which I've been waiting for over three weeks!!!! My new Stihl hedge trimmer had arrived at the local hardware store! Too bad it had to get there just as I was leaving home for two weeks! ...."  After an uneventful flight to Charlotte, North Carolina, we landed safe and sound. Thankfully, I landed in the same terminal out of which I would later be flying. Since I was now  in the next time zone, and it was after 7:00, I decided I should probably find something to eat for dinner. There was a Burger King (no thanks) , several lounge/ bar type places (Definitely not! Thank you!), two Starbucks in the same terminal, and something that looked very similar to a Chipotle. I opted for the latter two options and ended up with dinner and my favorite frappuccino - green tea - most of which I consumed in the 15 minutes before my second flight began boarding. It was dark from the time I landed in Charlottesville, so there are no pictures from the actual trip to Polyface. 

Also, at some point during the afternoon, one of the cats that I rescued and raised from kitten-hood while I lived at Polyface in 2013 went into labor with her second litter of kittens!!!

The next morning? Be still my heart! The rolling pasture that used to be my back yard met my eye backed by the valley that holds Polyface and the mountains behind it!  The next morning I woke up in my old cottage! It was glorious! I woke up to the mountain beyond my windows. The cool, crisp, Spring air was evidently working with the sunshine to grow the grass in the pasture outside my window!

 I only put in half a day's work on Wednesday morning, but it was fun and full!

Stay tuned for pictures and updates from my two week trip to Polyface!!!!!

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