Thursday, April 28, 2016


I LOVE Matcha.

After the nine months I spent living in Japan, matcha (Japanese for Green Tea) became near and dear to my heart.

Unfortunately, green tea haagen-dazs and Starbucks green tea frappuccinos aren't the best health foods you can find. (Ok. I'll be honest... They're probably not healthy at all...) Real green tea, however, is loaded with TONS of health benefits!

Just check out the all knowing go-to source - WebMD

Here in The States, it is so easy to steep a bag of green tea like you would any other tea... The Japanese people mix it up from a powder and enjoy it in all its sweet savor.

For a traditional feel, drink it out of a very small (espresso sized) mug - preferably with no handle.

 No sugar! :)

Start drinking it today!!

(Click the image below to buy your very own matcha powder!!!)

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