Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Beet 'ya to it

Beets  not only taste good but also are great for your health.
     I grew up detesting beets. I knew them as flavorless, red, mush in a can. This year I read how nutritious they are, and wanted to give them another try. So we planted some and now there are beets all around.   I have found so many yummy things you can do with fresh beets!! Some of my favorite ways to eat them are sauteed or roasted in a beet salad. Who knew there was a beet and ginger sorbet! That sounds yummy! I haven't tried to can any yet, because we have been eating them all sauteed or fresh.  (why can when there's sorbet?) But canning beets is super easy, and home canned is always better than what you buy at a store. :)

    If you have time, cheek out this website to find the health benefits of beets!

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