Monday, January 17, 2011

Exciting Times Ahead

It is so hard to wait for something exciting!  Chantilly is due to kid VERY soon, and we can hardly wait!  This scenario seems to be like the proverbial pot that never boils.  The girls go check on her every hour, and they come back disappointed.  We each hurry out in the mornings trying to be the first person to check on her in case there are new babies to announce to the family.  I know that the kids will eventually arrive, and we will all enjoy hugging and cuddling and naming the new additions.  Then I know all of the additional work that will be involved with raising kids:  feeding, dis-budding, feeding, immunizing, feeding, and did I mention feeding?  Around the clock feedings?

I am hoping for the safe arrival of at least two doe-lings, safe delivery for Chantilly, and safe bottle feedings during those dark cold nights.  :)

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