Friday, February 4, 2011

Winning Goats and Snoring Goats

The girls participated in the Southwest District Livestock Show last week.  I was totally awed by how well they did!  Patience and Lacey won First Place in the 8-9 year old Showmanship category, First Place in Lacey's class, and Reserve Champion Jr. Alpine!  Zoe and Annabelle won First Place 12-13 year old Showmanship, First Place in Annabelle's class, and Reserve Champion Sr. Nubian.  Rebekah and Cashmere won 3rd Place in Showmanship, First in class, Grand Champion Sr. LaMancha, Best Sr. Doe in Show, and Best Udder in Show! Our county also won 2nd Place Herdsman award. WOW!  This was an amazing show for us!

 Next week we will be showing in the Dixie National Jr. Roundup Livestock Show.  There'll be tougher competition, but we'll still have fun since we'll get to visit with our friends who show goats, huddle around the heaters in the barns, and see all the other beautiful goats.  People who raise goats are normally very friendly and willing to share information, so we always learn something at each show we attend.

Chantilly has still not produced kids! This morning I sent my youngest daughter up to check on Chantilly.   When she returned, I asked her what Chantilly was doing up there, and she said, "She's just wasting her time away.  She should be busy raising her kids!"   This is becoming quite comical because Chantilly can hardly walk due to her enormous size.  I have learned something, though, so I'll pass along this interesting bit of info.   Since I go up and check on Chantilly all through the night, I have discovered  that she snores. Did you know that goats snore?

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