Friday, February 11, 2011

New Life!

It finally happened!  Chantilly's kids have arrived!  We came home from the Dixie National Jr. Roundup Livestock Show in a snow/ice/sleet storm, and found Chantilly in labor.  Because no kids showed themselves after two hours of excruciating labor, we called the vet.  My oldest daughter talked to the veterinarian, asking many detailed questions about the angle, the placement, and the presentation.  Then, with gentle determination and total calmness, she reached in, turned the first kid (who was completely backwards), found the hooves, and delivered it.  Immediately I started working to get it to breathe, and to get it warm. Before we had the first kid dry, another kid's head came out.  However, after a few minutes we realized that Chantilly was not able to deliver this kid without intervention either, but that a third kid was trying to be born over the one whose head was out.  We hurriedly checked our book and saw that a head alone meant trouble for the kid and the doe.  Once again, my daughter reached in, pushed back the third kid who was on top of the second kid's head,  found the front hooves, which were tucked tightly to the kid's chest, and delivered the second kid.  After this, the third kid delivered with no difficulty.  Praise the Lord for His bountiful blessing:   three healthy kids and a healthy doe!  I also am so grateful for the patience, determination, knowledge, and love for animals that God has given my oldest daughter.  She is simply amazing!

There is a joy that accompanies new life.  If you've ever had a child of your own, I know you remember that flood of overwhelming joy and love that washed over you when you first saw your baby.  There is an amazement that accompanies new life.  This amazement is produced by the realization that this unique individual was just inside it's mother's womb, and now it functions, feels, and responds as a separate entity.  There is an awe that accompanies new life.  The only way I can explain this awe is that I believe it is an acknowledgement of  THE CREATOR.  There is one Creator, the Almighty God. All life comes from Him.  All life comes from Him.  

With that in mind, let me say that we are joyful, amazed and awed with our three new kids.  They are absolutely adorable!  Two are black with white ears and white markings.  One is white with a black diamond on his head and black on his rump.  They are cuddly and sweet.  My girls are enjoying bottle feeding, hugging and caring for them while it's too cold to put them back in the barn.

Now, if you hear of anyone who needs an Alpine buck, or THREE Alpine bucks, just send them my way!

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