Thursday, June 9, 2011

New Kitten

Bekah is the one who loves cats.  
When we first moved out of the city, the children wanted a cat and a dog.  We got both.  The cat is still with us, but she is ten years old and beginning to look a little worn.  We decided last year that we wanted to find a new kitten to be Marble's companion; someone to learn from her how to be the best cat ever.  We've found kittens "free to a good home," to be sure, but we had never found THE kitten.  Until now.  Here is our new kitten. It has no name yet, but we already love it.  Marble isn't having much to do with it yet, but I think they'll enjoy each other after they get to know each other better.
She's already stolen our hearts! What a cutie!

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