Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Finding Treasure by Patience

     In our woods we sometimes find old bottles. I was in our woods and I found a small bottle; then a little later I found a bigger one! I had it on the porch when I noticed a small light green plant growing out the top. Soon a lovely plant grew out the top of the bottle. A tiny seed must have dropped into the bottle when it was in the woods. I've kept it watered and enjoyed watching it grow. This is my own special "found" treasure---a tiny terrarium planted by nature.

Terrarium when it started growing. 
     Why not try making your own terrarium?  If you have a glass bottle, put a little dirt in it and a tiny seed. You can water it with a medicine dropper, and set it in a bright window. Then watch it grow!

     Look all around you, because we never know when we will see a small treasure!

A recent photograph. 

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