Thursday, May 29, 2014

Sweet Times

     A few weeks ago we miraculously caught a swarm of bees. Since then, they have been growing and making honey like crazy. I am very pleased with them and think they will be a strong hive.
     I am going to try using only emergency medications, medicating when my hive is in serious trouble. I have a friend whose bees are completely medication free, and he is my inspiration. Of course, he has had bees almost as long as I've been alive. But it is something to look forward to and strive towards. In the fall, I hope to have enough honey to sell some.
    My sisters and I check the bees together. We try to check the bees at least once a week. In the summer when it is so hot outside, it is harder to make ourselves suit up and go check them, but we realize the importance of taking care of the bees.
    Here are some pictures of our last visit to the hive.
My attempts to start the smoker were futile. Rebekah had to do it for me. 

Rebekah suiting up. She only wore a veil and gloves.

The bees on a frame. 

You can see the burr comb the bees added to the wax foundation. 

Inspecting a frame of brood. 

Here is the brood. In the corner where the bees are is uncapped honey. 

Rebekah smoking the bees to keep them calm while I put on another brood box. 

Here we are in our suits. I am wearing a whole suit and we are both wearing veils, gloves, and boots.

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