Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Fall By Zoe

     Wow! It is already the first day of Autumn. Every year I look forward to Fall and the special things we do in this season.
     Autumn is arguably my favorite season. I love the cool weather after the heat of Summer. I love driving down the road seeing the changing leaves. I love when the Bradford Pear's leaves turn from bright green to dark red.
     However, there are other things that I love about Autumn, things that we do that are special to this season. I grew up with a yard rake in my hand. I knew how to rake possibly before I could walk. I have always used my master raking skills in the Fall. My absolute favorite thing to do with a rake is to build a leaf house. My sisters and I have always started with a one room house. Before the season was over we all had apartments, a ball room, and every other type of room imaginable. Our leaf houses would be a half acre of neatly raked lines that appeared to be some sort of maze. The rooms had doors and whenever we added a room, we just opened up a section of wall and kept building.
     My second favorite thing to rake is a leaf pile. Anyone who has never tried this really should. We always rake a huge pile of leafs. The pile has to be big otherwise this wouldn't work. We don't just stand over the pile and jump around in it. No, that would be too easy. When we jump into our leaf piles, we get a running start of 20 or 30 feet. The key to this trick is not jumping clear over the pile. This rather ruins the fun of the exercise. It is also important to re-rake the pile after each jump. If you don't, the leaves become too shallow to catch you.
    I really love Autumn. I am so excited about the coming season and all of the fun and beautiful things that we enjoy. What are your favorite things about Autumn?

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