Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Hoop house

     In January 2015, we put up a small hoop house. This was a dream come true!  Because we had de-constructed it when we purchased it second-hand, we had some idea of how it should go back together. It was so much fun working together as a family to see the structure take shape!

We have used this hoop house for a number of things so far.  We have brooded chicks, delivered goats, and planted tomatoes. Many of you enjoyed our organically grown lettuce and cucumbers which were grown inside during the cold months. This year we are expanding our plantings, so we're sure you'll enjoy the produce coming this spring!

The girls looked like monkeys crawling all over the hoop house
while attaching the cover.
Getting ready to stretch the cover over the top

A great place to perch

Almost done!

Looks fabulous!

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