Tuesday, January 12, 2016

This is our Family: A Little History

     We did not start farming by searching on-line for "farm land for sale." Farming is an occupation, a passion, that has run in our family for MANY generations! Twice a day we go to do our chores on fourth generation farm land. Some of our animals are on land that has only been in the family for 3 generations.

Grandfather (left) and Great Grandfather standing in front of corn stalks to show scale.
We started farming because, like our forefathers, we love and appreciate the benefits of farming as an occupation. We enjoy benefits such as living and working closely with family, the ability for every member of the family to have a part in the family business if they so choose, a healthier lifestyle brought about by hard work, exercise, and a natural diet, and serving people with products that can really change lives!

Most people have heard of the benefits of eating in a "farm to table" fashion. We farm because we have realized that "farm to table" doesn't get much more real than raising it, processing it, and cooking it yourself.  While not everyone is called to be a farmer, we believe that everyone should dine in a farm to table way and know where their food comes from, and know the PEOPLE producing the things they eat!

We farm because we also LOVE the fact that we can nourish and improve the diets of other people! Offering what we grow to you and knowing that you are benefiting nutritionally from the things we raise, grow, and make is a joy that I cannot over-emphasize! When you purchase something from our family's farm, whether it be meat, dairy, eggs, vegetables, fruit, or wholesome body products, it sends a thrill through our entire family letting us know three things: that you also understand the value of a good diet and healthy lifestyle, that you appreciate our hard work in bringing you the best possible product, and that we can push forward with joy and excitement to another season to produce more fresh products to serve more people, like you, who care where their food comes from.

Our Grandfather (pictured with some of  his siblings and father) is on the far left.
 While we don't do things on our farm exactly the way our predecessors would, our practices are a lot closer to the way farming "used to be" than many modern farming models of today. We hold to heart values such as integrity, dedication, and determination... We strive to produce nutrient dense, healing nourishment rather than sub-par, mass produced, flavorless foodstuff.

We hold our farming history dear. The men and women of the past are our heroes. We strive hold high and carry forward our banner; to make our farming forefathers proud; to return nutrients to our land and animals and most importantly the diets of the people around us.

These pictures are from only three generations ago... I hope you enjoy looking through some pictures of the men of the past who shaped our present.

One of the first to bring the Holstein breed to MS, triplets also gained quite a bit of attention.

Great Grandfather with his new tractor

Our Grandfather after loading the hay wagon

Grandfather in highschool
Grandfather soon after marriage - 1961


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