Monday, January 25, 2016

This is our Family: Zoe

      Zoe is the 4th child in the Miller family and among the 6th consecutive generation of farmers in her genealogy. She enjoys working with her hands, trying new things, and just getting stuff done. Zoe loves everything scholarly and is a stickler for schedule. She plans to graduate high-school in 2016 and follow her dreams in persuing  farming and entrepreneurship.  Her passion for history has led to volunteering at the Oakley Plantation near New Orleans and lots of reading and research into her favorite time eras. Aside from academic interests, Zoe helps lots around the farm. She has an interest in gardening and has taken over the growing of herbs, flowers, and select vegetables in several garden beds she has created herself on the 1 acre house-lot. She also tends to the larger summer garden that provides produce for the family and fresh options for customers! Zoe also milks the goats regularly and has shown great interest in cheese-making, mastering soft goat cheese in the summer of 2015!

1. What inspires you?  I am inspired by sunsets, fog, bunnies, growing plants, happy animals, and peaceful mornings. 

2. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?  In 5 years I hope to be better at the skills that I'm learning now. I want to be producing my own food and living a clean, sustainable life, which, to me, includes being able to make my own clothes. I am fascinated by historical literature and intend to have written at least one full length book.  

3. What is your most fulfilling hobby?  I don't really have any hobbies. I like to put everything into all that I do, so it really doesn't feel like I have a "hobby." I do like writing and sewing. I also love historical reenactments and this is something that I hope to become more involved in. 

4.What relaxes you after a long day?  On a clear night, I sometimes sit outside, watching the stars come out. I also like to play piano, read, or crochet after a long day. 

5. Who do you hope to share your passions with? Everyone. I feel that what I do and hope to do is important and everyone should know why. 

6. What is your greatest asset?  I have a very strong sense of duty. This, if nothing else, pushes me to do what needs to be done even if I don't want to. I also have an interest in just about everything and a love of learning. 

7. What is one thing that most people wouldn't know about you when they first meet you?  Probably that I would rather be dressed like I lived in 1850. Or maybe that I say very poetical, intelligent things to myself. 

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