Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Getting Chicks by Patience

   We love grass fed, hormone free, antibiotic free eggs raised on pasture.What better way to enjoy that than by raising your own? We ordered One Hundred laying chicks and will hopefully have eggs by July! I wanted to share some things that we do when we get chicks. When we receive the chicks, they may have been in a box for 2 days. We make sure they know where the water is from the moment we put them in their new home. We put newspaper under the feeders for the first day to help them find the feed.  We also tape cardboard to the sides of our brooder so the chicks won't pile up in the corners.   Temperature is always important when brooding chicks, so we use heat lamps and cover some of the open sections of the brooder with feed sacks to help hold the heat inside.  We got a laying hen mix this time, which means we received a variety of breeds.

The newspaper under the feeders.

The brooder. 

Here is a corner with the cardboard.

The outside of the brooder, with feed sacks.

This little girl looks very cuddly! :)

Three different breeds.

 They are very happy right now running around like ..... happy chickens!

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