Monday, February 8, 2016

This is Our Family: Rebekah

Rebekah, dubbed "Sunshine" as a toddler, still deserves that nickname because of her sunshiny demeanor and attitude. The 3rd (and middle) child of the Miller family, Rebekah is the fanciful, artistic, outgoing, optimistic one and has been blessed with great musical talent. After a serious finger/hand injury as a child, she began taking cello lessons as therapy for her hand. She continued taking lessons and playing even after her hand was fully recovered. After graduating home-school high-school in 2015, she began her collegiate studies at Belhaven University. She hopes in the future to teach cello lessons and otherwise use her abilities to the glory of her Savior, Jesus. Aside from her delicate musician side, Rebekah can be rough and tough, putting in many a good day on the farm. Rebekah showed livestock in 4-H for 5 years, beginning with several wonderful Black Angus cattle, and later adding many all-stars from the Bright Arrows dairy goat herd. Before college Rebekah helped take care of the goats, helped move the chickens on pasture and care for them, and went to many farmer's markets!

1. What inspires you? 
The people I love inspire me more than anything else. A close second would be music and beautiful morning or night skies.

2. Where do you see yourself in 5 years? 
I'm not positive what the next 5 years will bring. My dream is to be teaching cello lessons and using my musical talents to glorify God while just living an all around full and joyful life filled with thankfulness.   

3. What is your most fulfilling hobby? 
My most fulfilling hobby is playing the cello. While I know that is also going to be my livelihood, I think the best kind of job is one that you can think of as a hobby because you enjoy it so much.

4.What relaxes you after a long day? 
Hanging out with friends and family helps me to really relax and re-energize.  

5. Who do you hope to share your passions with?
I want to share my passions, both musically and agriculturally, with anyone who truly wants to be a part of the work I am doing, or anyone who just wants to learn more about the things I love.

6. How do you use your interests in farming? 
My goal in farming is to leave the world a better place for those after me. Even in adulthood as a musician I want to grow food that is wholesome and nutritious for my body and make the land better for being worked. I believe the best best way to living healthily is less about dieting and getting immunizations for everything, and more about good physical exercise and eating food that will build and promote your body's overall health.

7. What is your greatest asset? 
My greatest asset would be finding joy in various situations of life and having a true love and compassion for those around me. I want to see others around me succeed in their goals and dreams.

8. What is one thing that most people wouldn't know about you when they first meet you? 
Most people wouldn't know that I love drinking coffee, jumping hay bales, and singing my heart out.

Rebekah and Zoe at a dairy goat show
Always buddies

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