Wednesday, February 17, 2016

This is Our Family: Patience

  While Patience is the youngest of the Miller family, she's never been the proverbial "baby of the family". She's always been hard-working, determined to act, and amazingly self motivated. Her enthusiasm and dedication to projects inspires others in the family to join in her quests; her quests for health, productivity, and creativity are contagious. Patience, currently in 8th grade, enjoys being outdoors exercising, working, or even relaxing... She routinely encourages the family to enjoy bonfires together, and can usually be found outside helping whoever is working in the yard, hauling hay, moving chickens, or even stacking firewood. Patience LOVES to run. When someone in the family started jogging for exercise several years ago, Patience decided to join in with astounding force and aptitude. Since then the family has run several 5K races together and Patience has done amazingly well in her age category every time! Aside from her love of hard work and exercise, health has been of significant importance to Patience from an unusually early age. She has always loved experimenting in the kitchen with healthy snacks and meals using alternative sweeteners and ingredients to produce healthy options for herself and her family. Her highly intelligent sense of humor (even from a very young age) continues to keep the family in wonder and amusement! 

What do you do for the farm?
   I do a little of everything sometimes.. Mostly animal chores. Last summer I took care of the layers and the goats right after kidding. I also do some of the gardening.

What inspires you?
   I'm really inspired by a lot of things - like when people tell us our products are working or helping... That inspires me. I'm inspired when I watch a video about...lasagna gardening... I'm inspired to go try it. 

What is your most fulfilling hobby?
   Being healthy is a personal favorite hobby of mine. ...Exercising, stretching, drinking gross smoothies. Of my other hobbies, organizing is second. I like to organize... Lotion bottles, lip balm tubes, barns... Being healthy isn't necessarily my favorite hobby, but probably the most fulfilling.

How do your interests help the farm?
    Like I said - I'm always organizing stuff for the farm. I think I usually try to cook healthy things and grow healthy things to cook with (like the Kale). 

What is your greatest asset?
   My sense of humor. 

What relaxes you after a day of farming?
   Everyone sitting around talking and laughing...Not about serious farming stuff. :)

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
   Hopefully I'll be married... I want to farm when I get older. I hope I'll be farming then, at least growing my own food!

What is something that most people wouldn't know about you when they first meet you? 
   That could be a lot of things. ...That I like cooking, or my personality! That I'm actually really funny beneath all my shyness. Or, If I have my hair in a really tight bun, people wouldn't know I have really curly hair!

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