Thursday, February 23, 2017

The Bees Knees

     Several years ago, at a cattle show barn, my love for lip balm began. It was the coldest October I have been in, and I was outside. My lips were chapped and bleeding; it was awful! I bought an all natural lip balm, but it was so hard that it was almost impossible to apply. I saw a need for All natural, preservative free lip balms.
    My name is Patience, and my goal is to make the best product I can for you.
    All of my lip balms are made with local
bees wax, no preservatives, and all natural unsweetened flavoring. (Let's be honest. If it's sugary, you lick your lips, which only chaps them more.)
    The lip balms I create have a delightful flavor while adding a protective layer to your lips. They help keep your lips nourished with the highest quality oils.
      I offer a variety of natural flavors, so grab a few and keep one handy at all times. I think your lips will thank you.

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