Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Loved And Lost

There is a lot I could say about these photos...

When you loose something that you've worked on, put thought and care and time into, there's hurt.

Some people suffer loss at the hand of catastrophic events such as fire, flood, or hurricane. No matter the cause of the loss, it always hurts.

I put thought, care, time, financial investment and love into what I do. I receive pride, a sense of accomplishment, and joy from the outcome - or (literal) fruit - of my labor.

Then, in one day, most of it can be literally ripped away from me.

I don't mean to be overly dramatic. I only strive to "keep it real." I spent a great portion of my morning close to tears, fighting back anger.

Things aren't always rosy on a farm. Life is hard. Yes, we receive great joy from seeing and being a part of things that grow, bloom, produce, thrive, and change. But there are times of true trial when we are forced to deal with death, loss, failures, and other inevitable aspects of real life.

When we offer a product for sale, there is WAY more behind that packaging than a simple product, or a way to make an income... We are offering a piece of our lives! We are offering an experience, a piece of our own joy! We pour our hearts and souls into raising good healthy farm products! It is more than fulfilling to be able to get our products to a point of maturity and offer them to people like you!

I can say with certainty that it makes each of us overjoyed EACH time we see our products going home with our customers, because we know that with each of them, we have just shared a piece of our lives, our passion, our joy.

The pot in the first picture is filled with dirt. You wouldn't know anything was missing.... Yesterday it was filled with lettuces and spinach that were growing BEAUTIFULLY! We were looking forward with pride and joy to the soon approaching day that we would be able to walk off the front porch and pick our own fresh salad.

Each of these other pictures represents hours of work and weeks of attention. They were all filled with lovely micro-greens, some nearly ready to harvest. Now most of them are gone.

This was not the results of a catastrophic even, but all due to a bored puppy..... But it's gone, just the same...

They say it is better to have loved and lost than to never love at all... I think it's true. At least I know that I can start over. I have something that I am passionate about, and I can grit my teeth and begin again with patience and a little more puppy training!

No matter what happens, remember what you're passionate about, and that sometimes loosing everything is just a chance to get a fresh start.

....Keeping it real.....

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