Thursday, April 21, 2011

Our FIRST Doe!

Today we welcomed our first baby doe.  Last year we had five bucks.  This year we've already had three bucks.  Eight bucks!!!  That defies all odds!  At the beginning of this breeding season, I had informed Orion, our herd "Daddy," that if he only produced sons again this year, he'd be living in another zip code from us.  This afternoon he got his ticket to stay on the farm for another year:  he had a daughter born!

We got home from church this afternoon, and my youngest daughter jumped from the van saying, "I'm gonna go check on Cashmere!"  We knew Cashmere, our award-winning LaMancha doe, was due to kid today and that she was getting close.  We all wanted to find out how she was.  Sure enough, it was "time"!  She had graciously awaited our arrival.  We all jumped into high gear changing into barn clothes, bringing the pre-arranged kidding supply box from the barn to the kidding stall, and meeting in Cashmere's stall.  Within a few minutes of getting everything arranged, Cashmere had delivered the cutest little doe we'd ever seen!  (Of course, as I've already mentioned, this was the first ever born on our farm.)  She's black with white legs and markings.  Everything about the delivery went perfectly!  Last year Cashmere had extreme difficulties birthing quadruplets, and her life hung by a thread for about a week after the delivery.  This year we had been praying that she wouldn't have quads again, that she would have a safe delivery, and that we would get at least one doe.  All were answered with, "Yes."

After the birth of the first kid, Cashmere delivered a little twin brother to add to our buck herd.  (Yes, we now have had nine bucks.)   He also delivered with no difficulty.  The little buckling looks just like his momma, champagne with a white blaze on his forehead and a white splotch on his side.  He gets to stay with Cashmere since bucks aren't long term keepers, but the little doe was adopted immediately since our farm participates in a CAE prevention program.  She will be kept inside for a couple of days, and will be bottle raised.  She and I had some bonding time this afternoon.  After all, her momma is my favorite goat.    We just won't tell all the other gals......

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