Monday, June 2, 2014

Enjoying Summer by Rebekah

     Since the hot weather arrived, I've enjoyed making one of my favorite summer desserts:                               Strawberry Ice Cream!
Here's how I make this scrumptious dessert.

6 1/2 cups of fresh milk (We use raw goat milk, but use what you have.)
1 cup of sugar (or any sweetener you prefer) 
1 teaspoon of vanilla 
1 1/2  cups fresh strawberries

Mix milk, sugar, and vanilla together in large bowl. Pour all strawberries except one handful into a blender and blend well. Hand chop the handful of strawberries for added texture. Place all strawberries into milk and mix. I do not put any food coloring in this; the natural color from the strawberries is beautiful! When every thing is mixed together, put it in your ice cream machine. I use a half-gallon Cuisinart machine that we've had for several years.



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