Thursday, May 19, 2016

Is Today the Day?

Richard  Morris woke up every morning asking himself a simple question: "Is today the day I die?"  Richard was 400 pounds when he rediscovered what an impact good food has on our bodies and in our lives!

 Sally Fallon writes "Morris does not have a bunch of letters after his name but he has a different kind of credential - he's been there, been in the trenches.  ... And he has achieved the supreme accomplishment of transforming himself from an obese to a normal man by making one revolutionary change: real food instead of processed food..." (Read more in the forward to Richard's book A Life Unburdened.)

 Today I am honored to know this man who has made such amazing effort, turned everything in his life upside down, and is winning! Richard now wears many hats. Among other things, he now runs races and produces sustainably raised, healthy food for his family, and is also one of the Polyface Farm buying club and restaurant delivery drivers.

 Every week Richard gets to deliver good food to hundreds of people and proclaim the fact that good food changes lives! Please watch Richard's story for a short glimpse into his life.

Richard's book can be purchased on Amazon. (Click the image for a direct link)

Good food does change lives! Richard is one example of this truth. Eating good food is essential for a healthy life, but it doesn't have to be overwhelming. Richard says "Start where you can start. As far as time, what's important? Is your health, happiness, fitness - Is that important?  Or..something else important? You've got to prioritize things. We prioritized food, our health, our fitness and family, and that turned out to be the best decision for us."

 Is today the day you show the world the impact that good food has?

Please share with us YOUR story!! Did you rediscover good food? Have you seen healing bought about by healthy choices? Are you winning?

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